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Aruba’s National Sustainability and Permaculture Training Week

In 2011, we traveled to the beautiful island of Aruba to participate in the country’s first permaculture fair, which took place April 10th – 20th 2011. RFI staff conducted several interviews for national radio and television.Over the course of a week, RFI presented the permaculture concept to around 700 participants from various sectors of Aruban society, including but not limited to businesses, the tourism industry, and local NGOs. Notable audiences also included several groups of farmers, young adults, and inmates at the correctional facility.

The week culminated with a very successful Open Day at Santa Rosa (the Department of Agriculture), where thousands of people witnessed Minister Oduber, who is in charge of the Ministry of Tourism, Transport, Labor as well as the Ministry of Agriculture, and Resilient Futures International sign a Memorandum of Understanding, outlining Aruba’s official commitment to sustainability through the utilization of permaculture strategies and RFI’s commitment to support the country of Aruba in its efforts.

RFI would like to thank Aruba’s Department of Agriculture for inviting us to participate in this groundbreaking event and Urvin Leest from Fundacion Aruba Consciente for his tireless work in making this happen. RFI looks forward to a long and beneficial relationship with the country of Aruba.

RFI has been invited back to Aruba to help facilitate future permaculture fairs. Stay tuned for more information about such upcoming events.

To view more pictures of this successful event please CLICK HERE!